SLUTEVER's intriguing pictorial account of this years SXSW festival! I love these gals.

SLUTEVER - “No Offense”

SLUTEVER's intriguing pictorial account of this years SXSW festival! I love these gals.

SLUTEVER - “No Offense”

Wolvepop — “Los Sunsets”

This track simply brings the funk-inspired crossover tunes I mentioned yesterday to a totally new level. Inspiring, intriguing and genuinely fresh.

Listen to “Los Sunsets” as well as another track from the soon-to-be released LP "Y Y" over at Bandcamp.

Keep an eye on this project.

MP3: Wolvepop — “Los Sunsets”

Korea In The Space — “Memory Raw”

Here’s some nice fuzzed out electro-tape music, not exactly ‘groundbreaking’ but goddamn, it just feels so right listening to this. Life is good.

MP3: Korea In The Space — “Memory Raw”

Yoke — “Oy!”

I’m having a hard time coming to terms with the amount of ‘chill-tronic' (call it what you will) still massively going around, so when the more guitar driven tunes (with a hint of surfy undertones) like this are handed to me, I can't help but jump for joy. This tune is boss. And it's out of a basement in Michigan. I'm in love.

Download worthy EP over HERE!

MP3: Yoke — “Oy!”

Water — “Gentleman Caller”

I got to say, I’m really into the funk-inspired crossover tunes that have been gracing my ears recently, and this tune by San Franciscan outfit Water is no exception. Luscious and lucid enough without compromising the splendid amount of guitar work handed to us.

Download the stunning debut ‘Apartment House’ over at Bandcamp.

MP3: Water — “Gentleman Caller”

[Friday Flashback #6]

Liquid Liquid — “Optimo” [1981]

Liquid Liquid are a hard band to delegate a particular sound to, and if you have to… you could lump them as post-disco come post-punk come post-whateveryouthefunkyouwant.

Active since the early 1980’s and from New York City, it’s interesting to note the influence they’ve had on mid 2000’s dance-punk dance, especially on James Murphy’s DFA roster, most notably Shit Robot and LCD Soundsystem. Ironically enough Liquid Liquid are opening the LCD Soundsystem’s farewell shows in NYC, including at at Madison Square Garden — which i’m pleased to say I’m going to.

Give the truly funky ‘Optimo' a listen, and trawl for the self-titled 1981 release on vinyl next time you're at the record store — i'm still searching.

MP3: Liquid Liquid — “Optimo”

YOUTH CASTLES — “Love & Honesty”

In moments of utter need, Brooklyn’s YOUTH CASTLES really draw a fine line between a multitude of genres explored — all within a track. Conveying on dream-pop, shoegazing, with moments of appropriated noise, leading many a path, and smoothly merging into a singular reality.

I really do recommend — as well as the bands previous demos, available over at Bandcamp.

MP3: YOUTH CASTLES — “Love & Honesty”

Connan Mockasin — “Forever Dolphin Love” (Official video directed by Daniel Brereton)

Collarbones — “Don Juan”

New from Australia’s Collarbones — have been jamming this at a fair rate since i first heard it, and thought it was more than time to share. Slowing synths settling down to beautiful dream encrusted vocals, overlaid with an appropriate amount of beats, at a more than appropriate rate.

MP3: Collarbones — “Don Juan”

Tiger Choir — “Dancer”

Featuring a mismatch of washed out rhythms, Hobart, Australia’s Tiger Choir bring you back down, and up and around as smoothly as they made you fall.

Stunning live band.

MP3: Tiger Choir — “Dancer”

Re-INTRODUCING: Wyla — “You’re The One”

New from previously blogged North Carolinian jammer Wyla — who I wouldn’t hesitate to again describe as ‘mellow-come-psychedelic-come-lo-fi-come-surf.

Upon the closing 55 seconds of this track, I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself, i’d been drawn into the almost in-complexity of the track that i’d forgotten about everything else.

While you’re at it, download the album over at Bandcamp — and is by far one of my favourites of this year.


MP3: Wyla — “You’re The One”

MP3: Wyla — “I’ll Come Running To You”

INTRODUCING: Saccadic Eye Motion - “Gauloises”

Glistening, gleaming and dreaming in all the right places, the perfect compliment to an iced orange juice with the summer sun beating down in the backyard. Which is exactly what I am doing as I type. Join me.


MP3: Saccadic Eye Motion - “Gauloises”

INTRODUCING: Paper - “Temper Clinic”

High on the beach vibes and low on the fidelity, this is what happens when garage meets beach… in Los Angeles.

Check out the rest of the EP at Bandcamp.

MP3: Paper - “Temper Clinic”

NEW: Mount Pleasant - “Florida”

This absolutely stunning new track from Christchurch, New Zealand’s Mount Pleasant has been over 6 months in the making. And it shows. Ideally, this track is a huge leap forward from their previous releases.

I can’t even comprehend any words to begin to begin to describe this track — you’ll just have to listen.


MP3: Mount Pleasant - “Florida