20-Something Questions with: Com Truise

Sci-fi movies, vintage computer ads, weathered vinyl, VHS tapes and a side of nicely brewed Russian tea. Add a spot of nostalgia, preferably from the 70’s and/or 80’s and you have Com Truise.

Sundriped by Com Truise

The rest is all over at the amazingly 80’s throwback inspired website, where you can pick up both of his releases ‘Pyragony' and 'Cyanide Sisters' for free. Watch out for a record signing and some vinyl releases soon.

I sent Seth Haley, also known as Com Truise, a mail of the electronic sort, and here’s what he had to say about himself…

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20-Something Questions with: JAILL

It’d be easy to describe Jaill as a psych-pop combo from Milwaukee, Wisconsin - but that’d be the easy way out. They’ve proved that they really are simply more than just the two L’s in their name - moving from respected Los Angeles outfit Burger Records to being signed to well known Seattle label Sub Pop Records.

Jaill - Everyone’s Hip

Jaill’s latest LP entitled That’s How We Burn is available now through the wonderful people at Sub Pop Records. They’ll also most likely be on tour in a city near you oh so soon.

Vinnie Kircher, none other than the vocalist from Jaill spared a pence of his time to answer 20-something questions for us, and here’s what he had to say…

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20-Something Questions with: SLUTEVER

Nicole and Rachel AKA SLUTEVER are two babes from Philadelphia, who live up to their name - dreaming about James Franco, 4 packs of condoms, playing at gay pride festivals and being interviewed..

Their self-recorded, self-mixed and self-released EP Sorry I’m Not Sorry is available now for free download via their Bandcamp page.

Be sure to catch them live when they open for that crazy chill Californian cat lady Best Coastwho visits Philadelphia in September.

I sent the best-friend duo a mail of the electronic sort, and here’s what they had to say about themselves [in their first ever interview]…

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