Collarbones — “Don Juan”

New from Australia’s Collarbones — have been jamming this at a fair rate since i first heard it, and thought it was more than time to share. Slowing synths settling down to beautiful dream encrusted vocals, overlaid with an appropriate amount of beats, at a more than appropriate rate.

MP3: Collarbones — “Don Juan”

Ghost Wave — “Sunsetter” (Official Video)

Brand new video from Auckland, New Zealand boys Ghost WaveTheir debut EP is scheduled to drop in New Zealand (for now) on Arch Hill Recordings on April 4th.

Tiger Choir — “Dancer”

Featuring a mismatch of washed out rhythms, Hobart, Australia’s Tiger Choir bring you back down, and up and around as smoothly as they made you fall.

Stunning live band.

MP3: Tiger Choir — “Dancer”

Saccadic Eye Motion  ”Beware, She Said (Space Mix)”

I’ve been falling in love with the sound of Saccadic Eye Motion since blogging their last effort, ‘Gauloises' last week.

This new track utilises, what sounds like, a sample of the Frankie Knuckles presents Jamie Principle 1987 Chicago house anthem 'Your Love.’ Spanning over a full 8 minutes, it’s a somewhat heavy hearted affair, with the perfectly sampled arpeggio taken from ‘Your Love.’

I’d also recommend the three other mixes of the track, including the original mix, over at Bandcamp.

MP3: Saccadic Eye Motion — “Beware, She Said”

Re-INTRODUCING: Wyla — “You’re The One”

New from previously blogged North Carolinian jammer Wyla — who I wouldn’t hesitate to again describe as ‘mellow-come-psychedelic-come-lo-fi-come-surf.

Upon the closing 55 seconds of this track, I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself, i’d been drawn into the almost in-complexity of the track that i’d forgotten about everything else.

While you’re at it, download the album over at Bandcamp — and is by far one of my favourites of this year.


MP3: Wyla — “You’re The One”

MP3: Wyla — “I’ll Come Running To You”

INTRODUCING: Saccadic Eye Motion - “Gauloises”

Glistening, gleaming and dreaming in all the right places, the perfect compliment to an iced orange juice with the summer sun beating down in the backyard. Which is exactly what I am doing as I type. Join me.


MP3: Saccadic Eye Motion - “Gauloises”

INTRODUCING: Paper - “Temper Clinic”

High on the beach vibes and low on the fidelity, this is what happens when garage meets beach… in Los Angeles.

Check out the rest of the EP at Bandcamp.

MP3: Paper - “Temper Clinic”

NEW: Mount Pleasant - “Florida”

This absolutely stunning new track from Christchurch, New Zealand’s Mount Pleasant has been over 6 months in the making. And it shows. Ideally, this track is a huge leap forward from their previous releases.

I can’t even comprehend any words to begin to begin to describe this track — you’ll just have to listen.


MP3: Mount Pleasant - “Florida

NEW: aBillion - “We Are Young”

New from Sydney-based chill-synth-wavers aBillion, this track takes a leap into what at first sounds like some chicago house influence, and turns around into an ever so sickly chilled beat.

There’s plenty of warm summer nights left down here, and this will be promptly put on just that playlist.

Check out previously blogged track “Soldiers”

MP3: aBillion - “We Are Young”

MP3: aBillion - “Soldiers”

Tashakimi Yaki — “All I Have To Do Is Dream”

Taking a note from the in-sweep of surf/lo-fi of the past year, Tashakimi Yaki has indeed purveyed a stunning track in enlightenment of this.

Hit play, and kick back with this dreamy 50’s throwback, the perfect track to compliment a sunny afternoon

MP3: Tashakimi Yaki — "All I Have To Do Is Dream"

Fishing — “OOOO” [Official video directed by Bernie Murray]

[Friday Flashback #5]

Mi-Sex — “Computer Games” [1979]

Ideally ahead of it’s time, this track was a staple in the New Zealand new-wave movement that heeded strongly into the 1980’s. With an arrangement that couldn’t get much simpler, the song was a successful chart hit, charting at #1 throughout New Zealand and Australia — right up until 1981.

It’s interesting to note the history of this song, as it was released during a time in New Zealand where the government had introduced a 40% sales tax on records. This was a movement where the government snidely decided that “popular music was not a culture.”

The track also has an unmissable kick-ass video!

MP3: Mi-Sex — “Computer Games”

INTRODUCING: bryeaston

Upon the discoverence of this Edmonton, Canada based artist I was surprised to find that all of his tracks were made via an iPad.

Choppy, glitchy in places and somewhat downtempo, it’s hard to really pinpoint what direction these more than intriguing tracks take. Download the ‘Shhh' EP over at Bandcamp and decide for yourself!

MP3: bryeaston — “Deep (Edit)”


As much you could say that bedroom lo-fi is just bedroom lo-fi, I find it interesting to note projects like this. Simply because this is where new sounds are derived from, toyed around with, experimented with and developed.

Milezo, from Austin, TX adheres to exactly the above, and upon listening to the 'These Things I Know' EP, don’t expect to hear something immediately genre-defying, but expect to hear what I mentioned above. It’s definitely something to take a note of.

MP3: Milezo — “Grey Skies”

MPE: Milezo — “These Things I Know”